The Trichur Cooperative Spinning Mills was registered on 30/07/1981 and commissioned in 1986  with an installed capacity of 12000 Spindles capacity. 

The second phase of 13104 Spindles was added during 1993 to 1995with the Term Loan availed from the Consortium of Financial Institution comprising of IFCI, IDBI,and ICICI with IFCI as the lead institution.Delay in the completion of 25104 Spindles resulted in heavy loss to the Mills by interest and other expenses

During the year 2000-01 a Modernization of Machinery was carried out availing a Term Loan from KIRF Loan of Rs.433 Lakhs replacing some of the old Spinning Machines and Carding Machines by new generation Machines and the installed capacity of the Mill maintained as  24288 Spindles.

A one time settlement was implemented for the repayment of arrears of loan and interests to the financial institutions with the support of Govt. of Kerala. During 2010, started a Hank Yarn project for catering Hank Yarn to the traditional hank yarn societies of Kerala and all over India.  

Now the Productivity in the Mill is very low since the Mill is equipped with a mixture of old and new technology machinery. The production is low because of poor conditions of the machinery due to overdue maintenance. Due to the poor conditions of the Machinery, some of the old machinery were sold out and now the Spindle capacity is only 16128. From the above Spindles around 3000 Spindles were kept idle due to obsolete technology and so only 13104 Spindles are running condition.

Trichur Cooperative Spinning Mills now is now producing Polyester cotton yarn in cone form and the Hank yarn machines were stopped condition due to lack of spares.