Invited e Tender for Electrification Work.  For more details visit 

Last date for e  Bid submission : - 28 Mar 2019, 11.00 AM

Notice Inviting Tender  and Scope of Work 





Invited Open Tender for  Labour Contract for erection and overhauling of spinning machinery.

Last Date for Tender submission  : 29 Dec 2018, 17.00 hrs





Invited Tender for LABOUR CONTRACT for TINKERING Work and LABOUR CONTRACT for erection Assistance for new KTTM Ring Frame erection. Last date for Tender submission - 24 Nov 2018 ,17.00 Hrs 


Tender Notification for Erection Assistance

Tender Notification for Tinkering Work






Invited e tender for the supply of Autoconer, Screw Type Compressor, Cans for Carding , Drawframe, Simplex Machines and Ring Tubes . Please visit Last date for e tender submission 31 Jul 2018 , 10.00 AM.

e Tender ID  for Cans :-  2018_TCSM_217437_1  

e Tender ID for Ring Tubes:- 2018_TCSM_217464_1

e Tender ID for Autoconer :- 2018_TCSM_217399_1

e Tender ID for Compressor:- 2018_217420_1






Expression of Interest (EoI) 


Yarn Purchase (from Yarn Buyers and Depot Agents separately). Last date for e Tender submission:- 07 Aug 2018, 10.00 AM. Please visit  e Tender ID :- 2018_TCSM_224435_1




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PC Waste and Scrap for sale . Last date for Tender submission 30 Jul 10.30 AM